Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Shot at Style....

If I were Tila Tequila's stylist, I would had to have taken about 40 shots of tequila to think this was ever a good idea for an outfit. This little tart needs to sex it down and cover it up.... I have always been a fan of the less is more approach. Clearly a concept that is lost on this little bi-sexual beauty. Okay, the corset can stay, but I would add a fitted black jacket over it, as illustrated here by the lovely Eve, in a hot little tailored number by DSquared2. Since we know Miss Tequila likes to go both ways, I would give her the option of pairing that combo with a pair of either dark skinny jeans, for a chic look, or some ripped up jeans for a dirty rocker look. I would top both looks off with a pair of platform heels in either black or leopard. Now, that's a look worth drinking to.

Photos: People Style Watch, InStyle

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