Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Affordable Sex

Now usually when I think of the Home Shopping Network, I think of bedazzled sweat suits with matching visors ( vom), but now I will have a reason to tune in at 1:35 am and do some damage... Patricia Field, the genius costumer for Sex and the City, has designed an affordable line (Prices range from $35 to $200) inspired by SATC launching on Home Shopping Network. " Wherever I go people stop and talk to me, ' I'm a Carrie' or 'I'm a Miranda'. What could I say to people that would apply to everybody?"
The answer, hopefully, will be revealed September 23 when the collection launches.

Photo Credit: Fishbowl NY

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The Real Estate Buzz said...

I will definitely have to check out the HSN (I never thought I would say that)! Kristi, I love how you are always in possession of cutting edge fashion news and information. I am bargain shopper and you seem to have the inside scoop of where to get the best fashion deals on any budget. I will definitely be checking your blog regularly so I can stay in the now!
-Micah Logan