Sunday, April 15, 2012

What to Buy When...

With sooo many fabulous trends for Spring, it's easy to want to spend a small fortune to stock up. Which is all fine and good until those gorgeous fall looks start rolling in and you're left with a not so full wallet. So, I give you a "What to Buy When" cheat sheet. If you plan carefully and buy right, you'll be on-trend and still have enough moola to go out somewhere fabulous to show off your flawless wardrobe.

April- Spring dresses, men's suiting

May- Sunglasses, handbags and jewelry (think Mother's Day gifts)

June- Summer clothes start getting marked down

July- Bathing suits and sportswear

August- Sleepwear, belts and shoes

September- Final clearance on summer items, pre-sales on denim, handbags and other fall items (this is a big turn around month in retail, out with the old and in with the new!)

October- Back to school clothes get their mark down

November- Winter clothes, boots and gloves

December- Special holiday promotions and then the inevitable post-Christmas mark downs

January- Shorts, t-shirts, dress shirts, and exercise clothes (just think, all that discounted Holiday shopping merchandise has to go)

February- Jewelry (Gotta love Valentine's Day deals)

March- Intimates, outerwear and coats


alimwild said...

I love the idea of shopping every month :) I think I can get my husband on board with the all the savings tips you offer.

sacheff said...

Totally need these tips right now given the whole 'moving to a new house and now we are on budget so I can't shop every day' thing. Thanks!

AmandaFrank said...

This is great! Thanks so much for all the tips on what to buy when!